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The program of the project week June 17th to 24th 2023 in Morschenich-Alt

With the Temporary University Hambach, the transformation platform REVIERa is venturing into the Rhenish Revier this summer semester.

In cooperation with Neuland Hambach and the municipality of Merzenich, the Temporary University Hambach will take place from June 17th to 24th, 2023 in the church and kindergarden in Morschenich-Alt. Morschenich-Alt is one of the few resettled villages that has been preserved as a result of the premature phase-out of lignite. As a place of the future, the village should now develop into a crystallization point for sustainable transformation.

With the on-site project week, REVIERa enables students and researchers from universities and science to meet people from the society of the Rhenish Revier on an equal footing and exchange ideas, learn and shape together.

A large number of different committed people, initiatives and institutions contribute to the program with lectures, workshops, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and courses. This encourages and enables networking and a lively exchange of knowledge directly on site.

Program Overview and Details // REVIERa Website.