REVIERa Kick-Off

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Agnes Förster moderates the first interdisciplinary and trans-faculty workshop in the context of the future platform REVIERa. The preparation and design of the workshop happened in team with Eva Strobel (Pt) and many other engaged from various ranks. There were more than 40 professors as well as academic staff from five RWTH faculties!


On July 1, 2019, the RWTH started a work and dialogue process to support structural change in the Rheinische Revier. Phase 1 of the Transformation platform REVIERa will be carried out in the period from autumn 2019 to summer 2020 with a series of workshops. In addition to networking within RWTH Aachen, dialogue with actors in the area plays a central role. The process should allow co-constructive networking of partners in the Rhenish Mining Area and thus to jointly shape the change through research and joint activities. REVIERa establishes itself as a creative, cross-thinking and networking platform, both for various research projects and petitions as well as for the further interactive integration and embedding of RWTH in the structural change in the Rhenish Mining Area.