REVIERa - Digital Workshop

October 6th 2020, 2-6pm

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(Digital workshop held in German)

Dokumentation from the last workshop on February 10th

Booklet presenting the projects which participate in this workshop

digital mapping of projects which participate in this workshop

  logo and Mindmap of central Reviera Elements Copyright: © Illustration Martin Bangratz

What is REVIERa?
The structural change in the Rhine region is of upmost relevance for its urban and rural spaces, as well as the neighboring areas and the entire Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. A shift to CO2-neutral energy supplies, closed resource cycles, and new and attractive residential, work and leisure locations are role model principles throughout Germany and beyond. RWTH would like to actively support this shift. REVIERa is a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary platform which deals with the long-term perspectives of structural change in the Rhine region - in a dialogue at eye level with the involved partners of the area.

More information about the transformation platform
Website REVIERa