Event series – Transformation

  Workshop Copyright: © Wolf Sondermann  

This semester, the Chair for Planning Theory and Urban Development offers a series of events that follow an overarching theme: transformation. Though it may seem like a very general topic, it is central to urbanism and planning. Cities and regions are characterized by permanent structures, yet also undergoing constant transformation. As planners and architects, it is our very goal to initiate and influence transformation in a sustainable way. At the same time, we are experiencing profound transitions on a global level: energy, mobility and digital transformation affect all aspects of life, including cities. While these are global challenges, it is clear that the local level – especially cities – must play a pivotal part in this transition. The research presented by our guests takes different perspectives on the topic of transformation. While some constitutes research on transition to more sustainable cities, others try to transform the city with their research – either by changing paradigms, or by direct intervention in an urban environment in the form of living labs.

Take the opportunity to join the conversation with Dr. Darren Sharp, Matthias Wanner, and Dr. Meike Levin-Keitel. Learn more about our guests and register here: Pt.Talks