"City Despite (Defies the) Crisis - Collaborative Transformation"


Impetus and potential for change through the interaction of planning, research and urban development

Urban spaces are under pressure: They should be climate-friendly, resilient, fair, productive, integrative, health-promoting, creative, debt-free and livable. In addition to changing planning as the sovereign creator of the common good, numerous new city-making initiatives and bottom-up intermediaries have come up in recent years to develop cities in a co-productive manner. In addition, research interferes in the events with formats such as real laboratories and experiment rooms.

All of these actors bring their own perspectives and tools with them and create their own playing fields. Ultimately - according to the thesis - more collaboration, mutual learning and a strategic interaction of these forces are required in order to make the city sustainable and oriented towards the common good.

Invitation to the digital event on October 5, 2021

Digital award ceremony for the “Transformative Science” research award and panel discussion
Organizer: Wuppertal Institute
Start at 4:30 p.m. - digitally

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