LOB - Local Politics and Participation

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New Ways of City-Making and the Changing Roles of Local Politics

In Germany’s federal system, the municipality has an important role in spatial development. The elected board members exercise their planning authority and shape the dialogue-oriented, multilateral processes of city making. Local politics has a special position in these processes and at the same time takes on various - also competing – roles as purchasers, participants, and addressees of different formats, among others.

The research project investigates processes of city making that influence the self-concept and planning authority of local politics. It investigates how local politics deals with these processes, how it positions itself in relation to them, and how it develops in the medium term. The project is methodologically based on the exploration and interpretation of the topic with literature research and a collection of examples of concise planning cases, followed by six in-depth case studies. Case comparison and synthesis are supported by dialogue with experts in focus groups and an expert workshop


Project Information

  1. Client
    Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung (vhw)
  2. Project leaders at RWTH
    Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster, Dr. Fee Thissen, Martin Bangratz
  3. Project timeframe
    January 2019 to March 2020
  4. Services provided by the chair
    Preparation of the state of research, development of a conceptual framework, working on six case studies that look into new forms of city making on the basis of document analysis and expert interviews, case comparisons, workshops for validation of the results, synthesis, and documentation.