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RWTH Transformation Platform for Structural Change in the Rhenish Mining Area

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Virtual Kick-Off of „Knowledge Hubs“ (held in German) – September 24th, 2021
Digital Project Workshop – October 6th, 2020
Website REVIERa



The structural change in the Rhine region is of upmost relevance for its urban and rural spaces, as well as the neighboring areas and the entire Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. A shift to CO2-neutral energy supplies, closed resource cycles, and new and attractive residential, work and leisure locations are role model principles throughout Germany and beyond. RWTH would like to actively support this shift. REVIERa is a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary platform which deals with the long-term perspectives of structural change in the Rhine region - in a dialogue at eye level with the involved partners of the area. 

  graphic recording from the project workshop © Martin Bangratz

REVIERa is accompanied by the newly established RWTH Knowledge Hub. This is a project from the Excellence Strategy, with which the dialogue with society on central topics of the university is intensified. The structural change in the Rhein Region is the first subject area defined by the rectorate in which this new communication tool is used.

  Workshop in the Reiff Foyer of the Architecture Faculty © StudioLab


REVIERa's dialogue and work process

The REVIERa transformation platform was initiated in 2019 as a result of a cross-faculty initiative at RWTH Aachen University. In February 2020, the kick-off workshop with actors from the area took place in the Reiff Museum at the RWTH's Architecture Faculty. In an exchange between the contexts of research, politics, administration, business and civil society, fields of action for change in the area were identified and a goal-compass for sustainable development was discussed (documentation).
October 2020, REVIERa organized a digital project workshop (Programm). In preparation, projects and impulses were collected in an RWTH-internal process, which were discussed with 145 participants in the project workshop. Current project developments were presented, and concurrently, the potential of networking and transformation was explored, as well as the wishes and requirements of the actors.




More than 70 projects and impulses with the participation of RWTH researchers are available in the form of a booklet and in a virtual project mapping.

REVIERa will continue a dialogue and work process with the actors from the area in the coming months. The methods for a co-creative processing of complex transformation tasks will be therefore further developed and concrete transformation impulses for the Rhine region will be developed.

  Screenshot of active projects' virtual mapping © REVIERa

Project Information

  1. Interdisciplinary core group
    Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster (Faculty 2), Prof. Dr. Stefan Böschen (Faculty 7), Prof. Dr. Peter Letmathe (Faculty 8)
  2. Coordination
    Eva Strobel
  3. Project team at RWTH
    Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster, Eva Strobel, Pepe Sánchez-Molero
  4. Project timeframe
    Autumn 2019 to 2022
  5. Services provided by the chair
    Conception, coordination, moderation as part of the core group