Housing, heating, saving!

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Large survey on housing, heating, energy saving in Germany and other European countries - take part now!

Winter is here - and we can feel it in our homes. How can we save energy and heating costs without freezing?

To help us plan our cities and living spaces the way you would like to live, we are asking you to take part in the major study conducted by RWTH Aachen University.

What new living habits are we developing in view of the energy shortage in this year's winter? What measures are we taking to adapt our living spaces? What are our concerns and needs in this situation?

These questions are on the minds of the whole of Europe this winter!

With your decisions on energy saving, heating and lifestyle, you are shaping the development of housing change. A study of the RWTH Aachen University wants to contribute to a sustainable control of this dynamic.

Take part and contribute your experiences and needs - for a positive development of your living spaces!

Contact persons

Department of Healthy Living Spaces, Aachen University Hospital

  • Prof. Dr. Marcel Schweiker | mschweiker@ukaachen.de

Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development, RWTH Aachen University

  • Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster | foerster@pt.rwth-aachen.de
  • Helena Schulte | schulte@pt.rwth-aachen.de