Pt.Conference 2019: New Urban Quarters


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December 3, 2019 at Super-C

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The conference New Urban Quarters focuses on scientific concepts and practical experience in order to plan cities on a large scale again. Numerous cities in Germany receive influx. Constantly growing cities are undergoing real growth pressure, once stagnating or shrinking cities are recording a trend reversal. A multitude of large and medium-sized cities in Germany are currently developing new urban quarters on their fringes in the dimension of 60 to 600 hectare. Thereby new space for housing should be provided for the middle- and long-term, including a relevant amount of affordable and subsidized housing. The civic objectives for the new urban quarters are formulated very ambitiously in many cities.

The former small-scale spaces, that have been developed in the last two decades, could benefit from an incremental learning process over an extended period. Nowadays a difference in scale has to be managed. As a result, four levels of process are overlapping in early stages of planning, which could take up experiences and demands in the cities, yet they require new approaches in planning on a large scale: site development, development of urban design concepts, political decision-making and communication, as well as the conception of operator and user models. The conference takes a look at these four levels of process and its intervening intersections and lines of tension.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019
International Conference 2019, 9 am -18 pm at Super C