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Documentation of the Symposium

On September 01 and 02, 2022, the symposium Transformation through Trialogue took place on site at the Pop-up Campus Aachen. Around 50 interested and committed people from city administrations, transformative research and the Stadtmacher:innen scene discussed challenges and strategies of cooperation. The focus was on networking and exchange with each other. In 2023, the networking and collaboration will be further expanded - more information will follow soon.

The documentation of the symposium is available for download here .

The slides of the presentation are available here.

You will find here the article of the organisers published in June:

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Transformation through Trialogue on Site – Symposium September 1st and 2nd 2022

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Content of the Symposium

Current urgent transformation tasks in cities - such as coping with the Corona pandemic or climate change - show that the joint work of city actors is needed. The observation is that transformative research, urban planning and urban development within the administration and city makers are a driving force. They work together particularly efficiently on solutions in the sense of the common good and sustainability - but so far often rather in dialogue. This should now change with the help of long-term strategies for a trialogue! The aim of the workshop is to jointly develop trialogue on the ground and to reflect on strategies for long-term cooperation between the three groups of actors.

The symposium is aimed at:

  • urban planners and urban developers within city administrations
  • City makers from urban society
  • Transformative researchers
  • And all those who would like to become such, i.e. active students and people interested in the development of their cities.

The symposium offers:

  • Developing strategies for local trialogue together
  • Growing together on the ground
  • Networking and exchange with own sphere of actors from other cities
  • A relaxed atmosphere and informal exchange

Background Information

Why this trialogue?

The trialogue of urban planning and development in administrations, city makers and transformative researchers is considered to be of great importance in urban sustainability transformation, since on the one hand an increased cooperation can be observed in recent years - especially in many real laboratories in various transformation fields (e.g. mobility, health) as well as transformation spaces (whether inner cities or commercial districts). On the other hand, all three groups of actors are oriented towards the common good and work in an implementation-oriented way on concrete spatial transformation tasks.

Who are we?

We are an open working group made up of these three groups of actors, which was formed in October 2021 with the desire to strengthen the trialogue together. Since then, personal experiences have been collected and literature has been read in order to better understand the cooperation in the field of tension between commonalities, respective potentials and the challenging logic of the actor systems. This year, initial findings from various workshop formats will be generated with the aim of developing strategies for long-term cooperation based on these findings. The workshop at the Pop-Up Campus will focus on the last point in particular. In addition, we hope to be able to win over further participants for the project and to strengthen the networking between the cities and the groups of actors from different cities.

What is the BBSR Pop-up Campus in Aachen?

In 2022, a new format will be tried out for the first time as part of the Future of Construction innovation program, which will build a bridge between the latest findings from science, their translation into practical building applications and their communication to a broad public. For the period from May to September 2022, an existing area in Aachen's city centre will be transformed into an experimental space that will enable creative and low-threshold testing of new construction approaches: the Zukunft Bau Pop-up Campus. Further information can be found here.


Thursday, 01.09.2022

17:00 Informal Kick-Off

17:30 Welcome and introduction

18:00 Schedule and content of the symposium

18:15 Urban meal on the roof terrace

20:00 Transformative games evening/informal evening

22:00 End of the event

Friday, 02.09.2022

09:00 Opening and introduction to the day

09:15 Input to the Trialogue

09:45 Exchange on the Trialogue on site with cities from A(achen) to W(uppertal)

12:00 Lunch break in motion

13:00 What has happened so far - short presentation of results

13:30 Think Tank - work in the stakeholder groups

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Panel discussion a.o. with BBSR, Deutscher Städtetag, startklar a+b,

16:30 Closing chord and farewell


Agnes Förster und Laura Brings Lehrstuhl für Planungstheorie und Stadtentwicklung an der Fakultät für Architektur, RWTH University Aachen
Isabel Strehle Fachbereich Stadtentwicklung, Stadtplanung und Mobilitätsinfrastruktur, Stadt Aachen
Matthias Wanner Abteilung Nachhaltiges Produzieren und Konsumieren, Wuppertal Institut und Utopiastadt gemeinnützige GmbH, Wuppertal
Heike Köckler Department of Community Health, Hochschule für Gesundheit, Bochum
Markus Egermann Forschungsbereich Transformative Kapazitäten, Leibniz-Institut für ökologische Raumentwicklung e. V., Dresden
Christian Hampe Utopiastadt gemeinnützige GmbH, Wuppertal
Svenja Noltemeyer die Urbanisten e.V., Dortmund

Registration and queries:

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Contact persons:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Agnes Förster, Laura Brings



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Further Notes


Detection or wearing of masks is not required. Please protect yourself and others on your own responsibility by staying home or taking a test if symptoms occur, if necessary.

Filming and photography during the event

Film and photo recordings will be made during the events. These will be used for documentation on the organisers websites. Your consent will be requested on the registration form. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.