Pt.Talks Archiv

  Metro and Health of Older People: A Natural Experiment in Hong Kong © Guibo Sun

Guibo Sun, University of Hong Kong
Metro and Health of Older People: A Natural Experiment in Hong Kong
January 11 2023



  Co-Producing Common Ground Knowledge © Kathrin Wieck

Kathrin Wieck and Juliana Canedo, TU Berlin
Co-Producing Common Ground Knowledge 
December 14 2022


  Urban gardening © Lasse Gerrits

Lasse Gerrits and Sofia Pagliarin, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Tracking Transformations over Time
November 30 2022



  Public space and a pavillon © Fernando Gutiérrez

Fernando Gutiérrez, University College London
Public space during the COVID-19 pandemic: The closure of the Alameda Central in Mexico City’s historic centre
June 22 2022



  windmills © Pixabay

Rebecca Windemer, University of West England
Planning for the future of onshore wind farms through adopting a broader temporal approach.
May 11 2022




  Plan of Berlin © Vilim Brezina

Dr. Vilim Brezina, Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development
The Power of the Crowd – Empirical findings on municipal regulation of short-term rentals in Germany
February 2 2022

  Patio © NZI Architectes

Talia Melic, University of Melbourne / Université Paris-Est
Recipro-city: reframing the place of low-income housing in Paris and Melbourne
January 12 2022

  Building scene © Veronika Zaripova and Ayham Dalal

Dr. Ayham Dalal, TU Berlin
Planning the Ideal Refugee Camp? Between Innovations and Appropriations
December 1 2021

  Meike Levin-Keitel © Meike Levin-Keitel

Dr. Meike Levin-Keitel, TU Dortmund​
Transformation from Spatial Perspective –​
Introducing the Concept of Spatial Transformation ​
July 7 2021

  Wolf Sondermann © Wolf Sondermann

Mattias Wanner, Wuppertal Institute​
Transformative and Transdisciplinary Research in a Real-World Lab.​
June 16 2021

  Darren Sharp © Darren Sharp

Dr. Darren Sharp, Monash University Melbourne​
Urban Planning by Experiment: Net Zero Precincts. ​
May 19 2021

  Jaquelinze Schulz © Jaquelinze Schulz

Dr. Agnes Katharina Müller, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung ​(ISR)/TU Berlin​
Flexible Workspaces: Coworking in Cities​
January 12 2021

  Lukas Gilliard © Lukas Gilliard

Dr. Lukas Gilliard, HafenCity Hamburg 
On The Academic Third Space
December 01 2020

  Kristof Van Assche © Kristof Van Assche

Dr. Kristof Van Assche, University of Alberta
On Landuse Tools
November 10 2020

  Emilia Smeds © Emilia Smeds

Emelia Smeds, University College London​
On Urban Mobility Transition​
July 7 2020

  Estelle Evrard © Estelle Evrard

Dr. Estelle Evrard, University of Luxembourg​
On Analysing Cross-Border Spacial Planning with Planning Games​
June 30 2020

  Wolf Sondermann © Wolf Sondermann

Boris Bachmann, transzent/Uni Wuppertal​
On Strategic Action Fields in Urban Development​
June 9 2020

  Maddalena Iovene © Maddalena Iovene

Dr. Maddalena Iovene, Gemeinde Unterhaching​
On Using Big Data to Understand which Public Places People Want​ to be in and Why​
January 14 2020

  Bjoern Hekmati © Bjoern Hekmati

Dr.-Ing. Bjoern Hekmati, TU Darmstadt​
On Mobility Mushroom: Accessiblity and the Mycological Metaphor ​
December 10 2019

  Robin A. Chang © Robin A. Chang

Robin A. Chang, TU Dortmund​
On Epistemological Exploration of Temporary Use in Scholarship​
November 19 2019

  Cornelis van Eesteren © Cornelis van Eesteren

Verena Balz, TU Delft​
On Regional Design as a Discretionary Approach to Regional Planning ​in the Netherlands in the Context of Decentralization and Deregulation ​
June 18 2019

  Yasemine Moustanjidi © Yasemine Moustanjidi

Yasemine Moustanjidi, University of Stuttgart​
On Cross Border Urban Governance and ​the Informal Mechanisms of Space Production​
June 4 2019

  Olivia Kummel © Olivia Kummel

Olivia Kummel, ILS Dortmund
On Local Governance Practices in 'Informal' Urban Neighbourhoods​
May 5 2019