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The Format

Pt.Seminar is a dialogue format on current planning methods in neighborhoods, cities and regions as part of the Faculty of Architecture's training-oriented and practice-oriented series of events on professional fields (German: Berufsfelder). 

The Chair of Planning Theory & Urban Development at RWTH Aachen University addresses contemporary and pressing planning issues on multiple scales. The seminar encourages the exchange of knowledge between academia and practice. Practitioners from public planning authorities as well as private planning offices are currently looking for new ways to handle the ever growing complexity in their everyday work. Reflection on current challenges on planning methods within a transdisciplinary crowd allows for the emergence of expertise and new knowledge. Students gain valuable insights into the breadth of the profession, and opportunities for networking present themselves.

In the winter semester of 2022, Productive Processes will be the convening theme and means to contemplate and share experiences and experiments for the sustainable transitioning of urban industrial lands. Save The Date