MT: Master Thesis

Publication of a Master's Thesis © Teresa Herzmann

We supervise Master's Theses on self-selected topics. In order to develop the content focus of the thesis we offer the thesis-exposé. The  attached checkliste provides initial information on how to prepare the exposé. Information from the Dean of Studies on the process / dates are also helpful.





Preparatory Process

So you would like to complete your master thesis with Pt? Then please review and consider the following points before enquiring with us:



  1. Submit Expression of Interest + Preliminary Draft of Exposé (Project Prospectus / Proposal)
    In this initial version of your project description, you will briefly explain your topic, the relevant objectives or research questions, along with the supporting motivations and geographic / locational context. It is possible to develop this idea with other students and individually propose your independent project. The finally work must, however, be completed and will be evaluated individually. Supporting materials such as graphics, references, as well as suggested secondary examiners are welcome at this point; but they are not obligatory. Any questions or submissions for the initial expression of interest and Expose may be sent to the coordinator and the head of the Chair by the deadlines listed below.

  2. Introduce + Refine Project Proposal
    For two initial sessions with other potential graduate candidates, you will present your project idea in short presentations. These may include the intiial content submitted along with any updates since submitting your expression of interest. The will be an optional tutorial / workshop offered between the two sessions to support your research approach and scientific methods.

  3. Confirm (Tentative) Supervision + Examination
    After the first session, a tentative confirmation for examination (and supervision) will be issued. By the last session, recommendations for secondary examiners will also be discussed to assist your application process. Should your request for supervision not be confirmed, we will share alternatives to support your research. Upon confirmation, you will be expected to improve and finalize your Exposé with the support of research coaching from the staff at the chair. With the improved version of the proposal, you will be ready to contact possible secondary examiners. Once the supervision is tentatively confirmed, you may declare your interest by enrolling via RWTH Online to write your master thesis. Support from the coordinator can be offered if necessary.

  4. Confirm Primary + Secondary Examiners
    Before formally enrolling as a graduate candidate you will email your final Exposé to the coordinator with the head of the Chair in CC to solicit a final signature. Do not forget to also solicit a signature from your second examiner - you will need the signed form to submit to the ZPA for admission. At this point, you must formally declare your interest to complete your master thesis by enrolling via RWTH Online.

  5. Submit Exposé + Apply for Admission
    In this final stage, you submit your signed application to the ZPA for admission. Once this is completed, dates for three colloqium sessions during the semester will be communicated to you by the coordinator to kick-off your process of completing your thesis. We will arrange for coaching with topic experts from the Chair as well as the possible attendance of your second examiner at a maximum of two colloquium sessions. Please note that for the latter, it could be that you might have to independently solicit feedback if scheduling does not allow attendance.

  SS 2024 WS 2024 / 25
Submit Expression of Interest + Preliminary Draft of Exposé 5th December 2023 TBD
Introduce + Refine Project Prososal | Session 1 12th December 2023 TBD
Confirm (Tentative) Supervision + Examination 15th December 2023 TBD
Introduce + Refine Project Prososal | Session 2 17th January 2024 TBD
Declare Interest via RWTH Online 8th January 2024 - 19 January 2024 TBD
Submit Exposé + Apply for Admission

19th February 2024 (submit to Pt for signature)

29th February 2024 (submit to ZPA for admission)

MT - Colloquium Session 1 TBD TBD
MT - Coaching Session 1 TBD TBD
MT - Colloquium Session 2 TBD TBD
MT - Coaching Session 2 TBD TBD
MT - Colloquium Session 3 TBD TBD
MT - Submission 16th August 2024 TBD
MT - Examination 19th to 23rd August 2024 TBD