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Winter Semester 2020/21

wide green space with buildings at the side Copyright: Pt
Foodcourt with vegetable stall Copyright: © PT

M1, M2, M3 und M2 (MPO 2016) Urban Planning/Architecture
Mixed-Use-City - Develop urban typologies
For students of the new MPO 2019: The EM "Additional Module" is integrated in the course as part of the submission requirements. Architecture students within the 2016 MPO have to take a supplemantary Additional Module.
Recognition: 15 ECTS (seminar held in German)

Illustration of multiple-uses on a chapel Copyright: © Angelina Bolten

Seminar Methods and Instruments of Urban Development
Multitalented projects for the neighborhood
Multitalents for the neighbourhood

Recognition: 3 ECTS
(seminar held in German)

Openstreetmap Brussels Copyright: © OpenStreetMap Contributors

Seminar CC8
Brussels S-M-L
Course: Master Transforming City Regions
It is suggested for Urban Planning students (who are part of the former MPO 2016) to take the seminar "Management of Quarters" during the following Summer Semester. During this Winter Semester, the Seminar CC8 is offered in English as an alternative.
Recognition: 3 ECTS (seminar held in English)

sign with the german word for participation: Mitmachen Copyright: © PT

Research field Architecture and Urban Planning
Change through participation via spaces, processes, institutions
Change through participation

Recognition: 6 ECTS
(research field held in German)

Presentation in the Chair for Planning Theory Copyright: © Jessica Ortin Roth


Recognition: 1,5 ECTS
(Stegreif held in English)

QGIS mapping Copyright: © Maddalena lovene (Data from

QGIS Workshop

Recognition: 1,5 ECTS
(Stegreif held in English)

abstract graphic representation of networks Copyright: © Pixabay / pexels


Recognition: 1,5 ECTS
(Stegreif held in German)