Curriculum Master winter semester

Map Copyright: © David Herrmann

Project M2, M3 (urban planning) | IP3, TCR

Shaping Eu(regional) Meuse-Rhine Rhythms

Recognition: 15 ECTS

Workshop Copyright: © Robin Chang

Methods and Instruments of Urban Development

Adapting processes of urban and industrial Lands

Seminar, Recognition: 3 ECTS

Map of the Rhenish lignite district Copyright: © OpenStreetMap contributors

GIS-BOX: Basics

Mapping Transformation

Elective module, Recognition: 3 ECTS, 2 ECTS for Geography students

Photo of the Rhenish lignite district Copyright: © Daniel Münderlein

Lecture Series Structural Change

Socio-ecological perspectives after the lignite phase-out

Elective module, Recognition: 3 ECTS

sign in landscape Copyright: © Raffael Beier



Recognition: 1,5 ECTS