Bachelor © Pt – Forum City and Landscape Summer 19  

Teaching focuses on three interconnected perspectives:

  1. the imparting of reflexive, analytical competences and scientific grounds,
  2. the development of spatial concepts and strategies in preparation for urban development and design tasks, and
  3. the design and control of spatial processes by appropriate methods, instruments and process architectures. 

The Bachelor of Architecture is the basis for both the Master of Science in Architecture and the Master of Science in Urban Planning. In the Bachelor's program, the professorship conveys in its curriculum central contents in the thematic fields of city and landscape, working closely with the Chairs of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. The lecture introduces students to the processes of urban development. The focus is on understanding different spatial scales from the neighborhood to the region, as well as time frames, actors, methods and instruments in planning. In this process, students are also taught the basics of scientific work. The integrated project City and Landscapeis an important cornerstone for the application and deepening of the course content. Current challenges of urban development are approached in the three steps "understand - shape - control", i.e. along the value chain "find problem", "solve problem", "implement solution". In the free projectthe topics city development, urban design and landscape can be deepened in preparation for a Bachelor thesis and the Master’s program.