Joint project | Neue Heimaten in Bochum

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At the Interface of Research and Practice

Since the beginning of 2023, the Making of Housing network has been accompanying the planning and design process of the inner-city development 'Neue Heimaten'.

The concept takes up the development path 'Bochum 2030 - Vision Innenstadt' and pursues the goal of strengthening the inner-city as a residential location and uncovering and further developing new potential for future-oriented forms of housing.

A special component of the concept is the implementation of a participation process with various stakeholder groups from the private sector, public sector and the citizens of Bochum.

The Making of Housing research network is shaping the participatory planning process alongside the ISEK management and the planning office De Zwarte Hond. Different participation formats are planned for the entire project process - from the investigation of the initial situation to the identification of potentials and challenges to the identification of design options.

City center Bochum

Project period:
2023 -

City of Bochum

Project partner:
De Zwarte Hond

Contact persons:
Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster |
Helena Schulte |
Dr. Nina Berding |