Updating Aachen’s Strategic Concept for Housing Development

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Participative Process and Scientific Consulting

Being an important hub for higher education and research, the city of Aachen is increasingly gaining population. This implies both, changes for development and challenges for the housing market. The concept of action on housing aims at steering the housing supply regarding quantity as well as quality. Political key objectives and tools to steer the local housing supply and market are intertwined to an integrated, holistic strategy. The municipality of Aachen and the chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development cooperate to update the concept of action.

The participative process aims at embedding the concept in the daily work of local stakeholders such as politics, administration, housing industry and the public. A multi-step approach creates added value by cultivating and ensuring joint findings.

Experts’ interviews and the consultation of the interested public complement the scientific analysis of the tools implemented or discussed recently. Issues addressed include land use policy and site development, social housing supply, quality assurance of the housing stock as well as the (eu-)regional housing development.

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Project Information

  1. Client
    City of Aachen
  2. Project leader at RWTH
    Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster, Moritz Maikämper
  3. Project timeframe
    January 2020 until June 2021
  4. Services provided by the chair
    Participative process: designing, carrying out and documenting an online survey of the interested public as well as three thematic specialist forums, scientific advice and support in the updating of the strategic concept for housing development: analysis of existing instruments and evaluation of references from other cities
  5. Further information (German)
    Management Summary
    Results of the virtual Kick-off (Online survey)
    The City of Aachen's project website