pnd - Rethinking planning is back!

  People on a field, cover of the newest issue of Rethinking Planning Copyright: © Agnes Förster  

Rethinking Planning continues. Launched in 2006 by Klaus Selle and his team, the online journal has highlighted a wide range of topics and processes in spatial planning and development until 2019.

As of today, pnd – rethinking planning is available at The relaunch of the platform and the journal took place as an adaptation. Since the new appointment to the chair in the summer of 2018, various formats of dialoge have been (further) developed. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020 was an occasion to refine and reconnect digital formats for common reflection, exchange and distribution of knowledge. The Pt.Team has swiftly transformed pnd into the blog What/Next, which now complements the journal permanently and provides impulses for upcoming editions. The journal and blog offer space for participation and co-creation. Rethinking Planning, pnd for short, is an invitation to reflect and think ahead together. It is addressed to all actors who plan, steer and shape spatial developments in different roles.

In its new design, the first edition of pnd on new urban quarters builds on the exchange at the Pt.Konferenz in December 2019. Developing large quarters on the fringes of cities outlines the unexpected return of a planning task: A multitude of large and medium-sized cities in Germany – including Augsburg, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Cologne, Constance and Munich – are currently developing new urban quarters on a scale of 60 to 600 hectares. In this regard, the conference offered space for knowledge sharing between science and practice, which continues in the first pnd edition of 2021. Authors introduce different perspectives, concepts and experiences with regard to the development of new urban quarters and the relevant process levels, interfaces and lines of tension. New urban quarters are still a vague terrain. Yet they are also a tangible task of urban development.

The next edition of pnd – rethinking planning is scheduled for the second half of 2021 on the topic "Digital Citymakers“. Abstracts can be submitted until 15.3. Further information on the call on the pnd homepage or at

We wish you an insightful reading and look forward to continuing the discussion!