Pt at the ENHANCE Summit in Gdansk

  Futuring Diagram Copyright: © Robin A. Chang  

On the 5th and 6th of October 2023, members from the Chair of Planning Theory and Development helped organized, lead, and moderate activities at the ENHANCE Summit on Climate-Neutral Cities

Stefan John and female colleague Inge Leurs from the Living Labs Incubator at HumTech, supported colleagues from Warsaw by sharing Real Lab experiences in Aachen. Together with Robin Chang, they also moderated rotating group discusions to help brainstorm strategies and agendas along with formats and prototypes for future efforts in Poland. Colleagues from NTNU assisted in facilitating discussions on effective actions and processes.

In a following interactive session, Robin Chang and Martin Bangratz introduced the concept of futuring and the Future Synthesizer as a tool for qualitative and collaborative fore- and backcasting. Participants worked in pairs to come up with their own miniature versions of the method, abridged, and adapted to their own situations.

Apart from helping in the conference preparations and hosting the Future Synthesizer session, the Pt team was also involved in a session run by PhD students from the ENHANCE network. Four round tables were set up to discuss various facets of participatory planning and placemaking – digital participation and new technologies, inclusiveness and justice, empowerment, transparency and trust. An important conversation was started that is sure to go on to inspire the scholars' research, teaching, and perhaps lead to further exchange and collaboration within the network.

Finally, RWTH Students presented their work as a part of the Student Exhibition Tour concluding the event. Building off of this are plans for a longer-term study on prototype-oriented teaching and learning

Programme details are available here.

Visit our ENHANCE page for more details on activities related to this project.


Snapshots from the 2023 ENHANCE Summit on Climate-Neutral Cities